Thursday, September 27, 2007


This link shows a fire in my building...on my landing! When I came home from work last night I couldn't believe the sight that met me as the lift door opened, and the smell. It was horrifying because of the recent scare we had with Amazon's flat going on fire. I immediately looked towards my son's door and it seemed as I left it. The fire had been on the opposite side, just a few yards away but through the all-important fire-doors; two of them, thank the stars - the thought of going through all that again, with the smoke and water damage.

The CID have been round this morning asking questions and now the fire investigators are here. We've heard that one person who was taken to hospital is in critical condition. Musician has just been across and spoken to a fireman; they're clearing the flat out - it's been completely gutted. He'd been speaking to a woman last night who'd been trapped inside her flat with her son, terrified, not knowing what to do. Musician told me that he'd gone out on to the landing last night because he'd smelled the smoke and was stunned when he was enveloped in it. He said he knocked on his immediate two neighbours' doors and told them that there was a fire, but he couldn't go out into the lift area because of the heat and smoke. He said that when he touched the glass panels at the side of the door he could feel the heat. Now he's beating himself up wondering if he should've done something. I reminded him that he had asthma and that his lungs probably wouldn't have let him get very far.

I'm wondering why fire is in my this a warning to me? I could turn myself into a frazzle analyzing omens or just be ready for anything; or make sure the smoke alarms are working! Actually this one is hanging off the ceiling. Must make him sort that out.


Anne Brooke said...

Poor you - get that alarm fixed ...




TitaniaWrites said...

Wow, how terrifying. Glad you are all ok. Smoke alarms... must get some of those.

Thinking of you and all the people in your block.


ireneintheworld said...

thanks guys

i've always slagged these kind of blocks off but here we are only five or six yards away from a major fire and not involved at all! apparently the floors immediately below and above were evacuated to the church hall, and the fifth floor has no electricity! amazing.