Monday, March 31, 2008


I've been very ill with a serious case of Lazyitus - well, where writing is concerned. My day-job keeps me on my posterior, so no exercise there either; actually the only action in my life at the moment is walking up the subway stairs on the way to said work. The really awful truth is that I live only one subway station away; yes, I could easily walk, and have done sometimes, but only when I needed to take a library book back - it's on the way.

A recent splurge in Flash Fiction has got me going again. I've gone back to the first novel to expand a very bad character, and that's been fantastic but quite troubling to find such madness inside my head. I've also fallen into another new book but managed to put it away after spending two weeks on the first chapter and socialising with a lot of the research - paganism is a great conversation piece. After I put it down something else came at me; I seem to be pretty fertile at the moment, so should probably prepare a good storage unit for future famine.

So, I'm away to warm up for blogging.

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