Monday, June 16, 2008


I’ve just found myself getting quite upset at the death of a fellow granny-blogger; I hadn’t been in there for ages and how strange to click over there today to find that she’d died yesterday morning. Funny how you become attached to people through writing; it seems to be an instant connection that blasts away the rubble so that the friendship and bond is almost immediately grasped. I haven’t been back to read as much as I planned but I will. I now have two links to travelling bloggers: Maya’s Granny and Julia Darling.

This reinforces the importance of blogs to me; the family of a blogger will always have an amazing chunk of their loved-one’s spirit; their opinions, ideas, character and personality will shine out so that generations can meet and know who they were. I often wish I had something like it of my parents; they really were strangers to me – I only saw what they wanted to show me…which is what my children experience from me.

Children are always so involved in their own angst and plans for their future and present that the question of who their parents are doesn’t arise until death intervenes. The idea that these blogs will be part of family trees and social history is quite mind-blowing.


Anne Brooke said...

So sorry to hear this - it is amazing how close you get to people on the web.



ireneintheworld said...

this was very strange anne because i didn't have any contact with her; by the time i found her blog she was ill and her daughter was keeping it updated, but i'd gone back and read some of it from the beginning and she had a great voice - made me laugh right out lound, and agree with a lot of what she was i felt as if i'd found a friend, someone i would like. x

Tania Hershman said...

So sorry, too, but I love what you say about her family having a legacy of her words, her voice. I hadn't thought about that, I had thought about how nice it would be for me to have my blog. That's a beautiful way to see it. It is astonishing how you do become so close to people through their blogs, people you've never met, never spoken to. Blogs can be a true window into someone's soul. Very few of my friends here read my blog, most of my blogsphere pals are exactly that, and I value them all greatly.

PS Nice new layout!

ireneintheworld said...

yeah tania, my friends aren't blog-readers either; most of them are phone-talkers. isn't it strange that we've found a whole new way of friendship that is closer in many ways? whatever next, eh, in these technological times?

i wish there was more choice in the layouts. x