Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I’ve found a fantastic site for procrastinating called, Protagonize. Collaborate to your heart’s content. I’ve tried to get my fellow writers at WF in Writewords to play with this kind of thing but they never do, or keep anything up I begin. So I’m in clover; I’ve only been a member there for two days and I’ve got two stories running and have joined in a couple of others – now this could be very addictive but at least it is actual writing!

And the bad news is, I didn’t write my morning pages today! No reason other than I was writing and polishing old stuff for Protagonize. I thought I’d use old bits of work that I know I don’t want to continue; there are loads of scraps filed away, and I was already trying to tidy the fiction file – so this is just perfect, isn’t it?

The thought of other people creating a continued life with my characters is very exciting; I really hope people are stimulated enough to write some of these threads I’ve suggested; they have what they call branches, where you choose titles for three tangents or new chapter beginnings for other writers to investigate. God, the very idea just makes me high as a dragon chasing an addict!

I confess to addiction; I am addicted to new projects – I wonder if there is a name for this. I’m not afraid to finish them: I just kind of slope off in other directions but I do pop back eventually, hopefully to finish. Womag blogged some info that peaked my interest the other day about Woman’s Weekly looking for new submissions; I’m thinking of having a go at short fiction for that market, so have already rescued a few neglected pieces. Let’s all send a prayer up to the universe that I finish something.

The unfinished novels sit in the back of my mind and mock my attempts at forming routines; they know that I’m a lazy bitch and that they could be neglected for years! But, I am a new woman now; I know this – still a baby in this persona, a youngling. I feel a rebellion coming on, so watch out!


nick said...

Hey Irene - welcome to Protagonize! Glad you're enjoying the site... and happy to see that it's causing procrastination. That means it's working. :)

-nick / protagonize

ireneintheworld said...

oh it's working alright! and in a good way; i haven't seen some of this writing i'm re-working for years! i think this could also be a very sneaky way of getting me to finish something big - i mean, look at tasha's 'waking up with henry' that's a novel! x

nick said...

That's the plan. Some of the new features I'm adding over the next week or two should really help that aspect of everyone's writing, too. Being able to create groups where you and a couple of friends can write and others can subscribe and provide feedback should be pretty useful to everyone.

ireneintheworld said...

that sounds great. i noticed someone mentioned feedback. i like the idea of working back to back with someone, pushing each other, dead-lining, bouncing ideas back and forth. now, back to tidying the fiction file. x

Poppy said...

Ooh, I'd find the idea of other people continuing with my characters quite strange. Although, could be really fun - to see how they got written in other writers' voices!!!!


ireneintheworld said...

hi poppy. i'm posting little pieces of writing that have been lying around for ages that i know i'm not going to finish; or sections that have been cut out - i've turned them into a beginning and hopefully others will continue, and me too. i left one woman running to catch a train so suggested a couple of titles for new branches - catching the train - missing the train. and someone has written one on her catching it! oooh this is great. and i am soooooo adicted! x