Monday, April 06, 2009


I am no longer Runaway Granny! How shocking is that? I came across a huge file on Saturday, stuffed with print-outs from the first year of the blog, some doodles with AOL and MSN and the travel journals I kept since I left in August 2003. I didn't begin writing here till May 2006. There it was, the tale of my travels, neatly sitting in glossy sleeves - I had also scrapbooked some photos to go with it...but it looked too white to be interesting.

So, last night I cut and pasted it onto coloured sugar paper and made that wonderful episode in my life more attractive. There are a pile of emails I sent to people so they could follow me around the world. As I watched it take shape beneath my hands I realised that I was not that person anymore; I have keys, a car, possessions and a new life beside my loch. I am backed by a mountain, surrounded by trees and granny duties.

I need a new blog. Abra-cad-dabra Ali Kazam...POOF! Present and Sometimes Functional! Ta-ra! And, the new writing blog is here.

Runaway Granny will stay here - it'll slip gently into the past and always be there when we need it. So, I'll say TTFN...Ta ta for now. xx

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BetteJo said...

Oh wow! I never knew why you were a runaway anyway. Congrats on moving on to what sounds like a positive time in your life!