Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Angry? Try furious. That was something I never want to repeat; listening to a priest pontificate about religious politics during a funeral service. This doddering old man wandered across the scriptures to give himself a jumping-off place so he could rant about the credit crunch and how greedy people were for wanting more and more money - what did that have to do with Anne's life? I think he mentioned her twice; some of the family missed it!

His actions took all emotion out of the situation - maybe that was the intention; keep everyone from crying and breaking down in his church; make sure they are sufficiently bored, intoxicated, fused into a stupor. I know I'm coming from the Heathen point of view, but I am a connoisseur of funerals and have listened to some wonderful services - I know what I'm talking about.

So, it's best to change the subject - Lily is here! My poor niece struggled to give birth for days and eventually, on Sunday night - 35 minutes from Monday, Lily made her beautiful appearance, and boy is she pretty. Two weeks early and not a wrinkle in sight: smooth and gorgeous she is...and a sleeper! I spent an hour with her yesterday and she didn't open her eyes once. There was a real panic on Sunday night and worry for my niece; the baby was always all right. We've had the bad side of pre-eclampsia before when my sister-in-law, Sid, nearly died and lost her new son in the struggle. So it was a very tense time.

Lily was my mother-in-law's name; it's lovely to see it revived.


Nik's Blog said...

So as not to make you crosser I'll not mention the funeral (though I will give you a grr of empathy).

Congrats on the new arrival! Welcome to the world, Lily (And it IS a lovely name).


ireneintheworld said...

thanks nik. i've broken my own rules here and given someone their real name, but i don't think it matters just this once, in this case. x

Poppy said...

As Nik says, a very empathetic grr and moving swiftly on . . yes, Lily is such a sweet name. Congrats!!!

Anne Brooke said...

Sorry about the funeral - but well done on the new arrival. Fabulous news!



ireneintheworld said...

thanks girls. i've been to some fabulous funerals, where sons do wonderful speeches with lots of laughs and tears and relevant passages are read, beautiful silences fill just the right slots and you leave satisfied.

i love the flower names, like daisy and poppy but lily is queen of them all. x

BetteJo said...

Isn't that part of the point of the funeral, to give people a place and a time to grieve with others, to cry and to feel it all? Yes I agree, grrr-r-r-r is quite suitable.

Glad there is a new baby to bring some joy!

ireneintheworld said...

hey bettejo, i'll be taking the camera to do a little photoshoot of lily tomorrow - hope she wakes up! x