Saturday, August 04, 2007


I've just spent ages setting up an account with 1 & 1; it wouldn't accept my address properly, kept adding bits that had no business being there. Eventually I got through it and now have to wait for the free software to arrive so I can build my new writer's website. I'll have a blog with it which I will keep strictly for writing stuff; I shouldn't need to update it every day. I'll play with links; still don't know how to add links here.

Went to see Harry Potter at the IMAX cinema yesterday; the last twenty minutes were in 3D - absolutely fantastic. I took Bouncer, number-one grandson. He loved it, and kept muttering what was happening all the way through, just because he's read the book. I had to tell him to shut up several times. If you're anywhere near Glasgow, this is definitely the place to see this film, and it's only about a pound more expensive than the ordinary cinema. I just couldn't believe the effects; found myself saying, 'My goodness, oh my, wow!' I even reached my hand out a few times because it seemed like the characters were right beside me. Absolutely stunning.

I actually did some writing last night, so am very pleased with myself, and deserve a gold star for writing a poem too; a whole poem! It seems I'm back in writing mode - I can't settle in to reading. Ususally if I'm reading I'm not writing and vice-versa. So, maybe I can get on with things now. Don't know how it's all going to go with the new job and all that entails, but I feel very optimistic.

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