Thursday, August 16, 2007


This boy, Musician, was let loose on my laptop on the net for one day and caught himself/me a Trojan! He says he turned off my AVG and turned down my security so everything would go faster. When I accused him of damaging my lovely machine he denied it and said that the flashing pop-up was from my system. I couldn’t believe that I actually knew more than him about it; I think it was just that I know my own machine and that it was completely obvious it wasn’t a real message from my system. Apparently it’s a new piece of spyware from a Trojan called Zlob, called Virusprotect Pro…so watch out for it. It sits on your task bar and flashes up a warning every five minutes, taking the curser so you can’t continue typing! It tells you that you need to update your spyware protection and when you click into it, it demands that you buy their product; we’ve tried everything to get rid of it and can’t. I googled it and found a few references and descriptions and an offer of a free download called Spyhunter that would get it out of my system. I got it and ran a scan which told me that it had found a lot of spyware but when I clicked on the FIX button it demanded that I buy their product in order to do this.

So the next thing is for Musician to disappear the task bar and see if that helps. If not, I’ll need to ask a computer technician for advice…even to buying Norton or something; I won’t be blackmailed into buying programmes I don't choose. This is all so annoying and I don't want to go into my bank or buy anything if there's this spyware watching everything I'm doing - especially when I don't know exactly what kind it is. I don't want to fork out for a big programme if it can't fix this; if it's as new as it might be then Norton probably won't do it. Just had a thought to contact Microsoft...yes, that's what I'm going to do first, and ask their advice.

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