Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I popped over to visit my sister-in-law Sid last week and to pick up holiday clothes for Amazon; Sid had just arrived back from a fortnight in Tenerife. So, I bought a nice packet of biscuits, chocolate caramel digestives, but she had loads of lovely stuff in her cupboard and I left mine in the bag - which was not good for me.

When I got back to Musician's I mixed a huge glass of chocolate Slimfast and settled down with it, in front of the telly, and washed down about eight of the lovely biscuits with the thick choclate-y shake. SOMEBODY SLAP ME!

All this week I've been in Amazon's new flat with no cooking facilities, just a kettle, so I haven't enjoyed the best diet. I had fish'n chips once; instant mash, corned beef with instant gravy; a range of general rubbish; and tonight returned home from my interview with a foot-long sub, full of salami, ham and sausage with jalopino peppers and chili sauce; and a bar of chocolate that another sister-in-law brought along with the new microwave - which is too late for me 'cause I'm off to Aberdeen tomorrow!

But, Carrie will feed me well; she is very healthy, though we are planning totilla chips and dips to go with all the alcohol.

Next week will be better.

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