Sunday, July 22, 2007


My god, this is taking ages; I'm on Amazon's poor old smoke-damaged laptop and it is slower than a tortoise on valium - it's going to the shop tomorrow. My modem has kind of disappeared; suddenly it's it might be going to the shop too! But first I'll get Musician to take a look at it; something else uninstalled itself last week and he fixed it, so this might be related; maybe I've been swiped by an electrical storm, or just a virus - soon find out. Hope it's the cheaper option...meaning Musician.
The plans I had to decorate for Amazon while I was here in her new flat have flown; I'll be popping up to Aberdeen to join in the wake for Carrie's relationship, which is ending. So we'll spend a couple of days in comfortable clothes with a few bottles of Cointreau and a lot of ice.
Will be back very soon under the steam of my own modem.

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