Thursday, July 19, 2007


I'm in a cyber cafe in Glasgow. It's real Glasgow weather outside; dull dull dull, but not cold - this is our kind of summer, so we're used to it.

Well, I've been to the doctor's at last about my itchy ears, and I've got eczema inside my ears! Never heard of that one. He said my blood pressure was borderline so I'll have to have it tested again in a few months. I bought myself two tins of Slimfast to try and curb/help my diet; when I'm not working with my oldies I eat any old stuff at any old times - which is not good. So, we'll see how I get on.

I haven't seen the burnt-out flat yet, hope to do that today. As I left Musician's this morning I checked the camera and it's not working! I charged the battery last night, so can't think what's wrong with it. So I won't be able to take photos for the insurance. I'll have to buy another little camera. I'll get one for Amazon and she can take it on holiday. It doesn't have to be great, I'm sure I'll get one for about 20 quid; they're quite cheap nowadays, as long as you keep it simple.

Her new flat is lovely; she's got trees outside her window! It's in a nice little square, and I love the veranda. I'll be spending a week there while she's on holiday, so am looking forward to that - all that time to write. But I'll probably do some decorating for her too. Might paint her son's bedroom - I now name him, POWER RANGER. He loves the new place and can't wait till his room is done.

Musician served me breakfast in bed yesterday; scrambled egg and sausage, and it was beautiful - actually it was my second breakfast because I was up earlier and had cheerios. So all is well at the moment. I'll buy a yellow AD paper today and look for a job.

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