Saturday, July 14, 2007


I was speaking to TocToc last night; Clara Bow insisted on watching that 'One Show' so I spent the half hour in the kitchen on the phone. I just happened to mention the weather and he was off on one; everything you need to know about the melting polar ice caps, warm air, cold air and..... This son of mine should've been some kind of scientist - he reminds me of an old guy from the tv... a Magnuson, but not Magnus, I don't think - not the one who did Mastermind. TocToc spends all his time with his children so that his brain explodes when he catches the attention of another adult. Bingo just tells him to shut up; no wonder he is starved of good conversation, but you daren't open your mouth in case he starts, and you can't get him to stop. I remember, barely, when I was that passionate about the world; I was about his age, thirty, and would quite literally fly, when someone pressed my buttons. I wasn't a dancer at parties: I was a talker - always in the kitchen or wherever the debate was going on. Now I'm so laid-back I'm almost horizontal.

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