Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I had an epiphany last year; I was watching someone interview Goldie Hawn and she was talking about her religion which is a mixture between jewish and budism - the programme had been talking about ghosts earlier (it was the heaven and earth show) asking people on the street whether they believed in them or not. Well, I was suddenly hit with this realisation: what if we are still evolving and some are more evolved than others! So that some of us can heal, see ghosts, get telepathic messages etc. It makes complete sense; when you count the years or eons that it took us to walk on two feet, to talk, to live past thirty, to grow taller, to create, to communicate, write etc; to make use of everything around us, to bake clay, weave baskets and finally to build machines that can fly through the air or send signals across the planet.

So maybe we are God; apparently we only use a small fraction of our brains. All this slagging-off mystics and healers is the same treatment people portraying the world as round got - maybe in a couple of hundred years healing and praying will be looked on as normal procedure....oh by the way, praying was the other thing; they were asking people if they believed in the power of prayer. I think that's when it happened; I think that's when it dawned on me that prayer and healing are the same thing - tapping into energy that comes through us when we ask for it. Again, it's only some of us who can tap into this; I think that that's pretty obvious when you realise that some prayers are not answered, apparently. When Amazon was having the operation on her brain to fix the aneurysm I was calling everyone I knew to pray for her, and she came through it fine. So did the prayers work for me because I am evolved more than others? This would include some of my friends; there would've been more than one advanced being! And would this mean that I could heal if I trained and practised?

I caught a programme tonight, just for ten minutes while the film broke for the news, one of those hypnotists, forget his name, but the thing was he got this man to think about a couple of numbers and to try to pass them on to a woman who had to write them down. I got the numbers immediately, so did she. It's been a strange day.

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