Saturday, April 26, 2008


Mock Duck tagged me so I’ve got to relate 6 random facts about myself:

1. I hate all sport; even computer games.
2. I like watching musical-acting-all-dancing competitions on telly.
3. I know England better than I know Scotland (my homeland).
4. My eyes are not as blue as they used to be.
5. My hair is not as thick, or as red, as it used to be.
6. My, formerly very shapely, ankles have disappeared.

I tag: Tania   WriterGirl    Amy     Barjoker    


writer girl said...

Hi there, nasty illness has kept me from the blogosphere so I have not been able to do any tagging. Sorry, will get to it but I can't promise it will be anytime soon. X

ireneintheworld said...

sorry to hear that wg. hope you're up and better soon. wish you speedy recovery. x