Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ooooh, the scene I've been pondering these last few weeks suddenly fell out of my head last night at work. I had to get this bad character out of his flat after a row with his mother, and thanks to a prompt from my Flash 2 group it all came together; I often use their challenges with on-going projects. So, I was very happy to discover this character tearing the pages out of a bible and throwing them out of a window.

To me, that’s one of the most exciting things about writing - that feeling of freedom, of letting loose with no boundaries where you can make people do anything at all. When he tore those pages out of the book I couldn’t wait to get the window open, and could actually see the scraps of paper flying on the wind, up rather than down.

Also just discovered Scrabulous in Facebook; haven’t played Scrabble for years. I wonder if they have a version of Trivial Pursuit. I’m playing a game with Stella – isn’t it brilliant that you can do something as sociable as board games with friends who are 150 miles distant? She’s in Whitley Bay and I’m in Glasgow. Last time I saw her we were spending quality time with two other friends in The Biscuit Factory art gallery in Newcastle the other year...falling in love with portraits of Jersey cows.

Oracle and I had lots of time in work last night to chat and fell into words and prompts in creative writing; I’m going to set up an envelope of lines and words for him and he’ll do one for me. He’s trying to build a writing group but is having problems finding people; he’s afraid of those mad egotists who want to read their novels to an audience but won’t listen to other people’s work or take in criticism. We had a very strange woman in a Newcastle group who studied her own work and rustled papers and bags while others were reading – it’s so rude! I think that finding or growing the right people for a writing group one of the most difficult things in life.

Looking forward to work tonight; hoping to finish that scene. Off for tea and penguins now.


OSLO said...

It sounds like you're on a roll writing-wise Irene. Long may it last. The long-distance Scrabble sounds fun too!

ireneintheworld said...

very rusty on the scrabble front i'm afraid, and getting beat so far.

got more writing done tonight and i suddenly remembered my son answering the door to jehovah's witnesses the other, they'll have to appear in this scene! x