Thursday, April 24, 2008


The letters to Psychic Pam are going well; I’m having an hysterical time and looking forward to seeing them all printed out in a few months. Some of them seem as if they’ll fit in better later in the sequence. Got five done now. This seems to me to be a great and very sneaky way to write.

I’m also thinking of putting a spurt on with this novel so have great plans for next week; gotta go see the Pollok mob on Saturday and was thinking of a stroll up Loch Lomond way on Sunday – with a few grandchildren. I want to take photos of Balloch for one of the other novels; the Susan Hill project. I’ve never really taken the time to look at the place properly; always just been passing through somehow – couldn’t name a shop or pub, but there’s a great chippy beside the train station. Quite a bit of that book is set in the area and I’ve barely set foot on the loch-side, I’m ashamed to say - it’s only fifteen miles away!

I’m doing a photo collage for a woman; I took the pictures of her children the other week but couldn’t get a perfect one with all three, hence the collage/art idea – supposed to be going out today to buy a frame but too lazy. There’s always tomorrow – gotta have it done for Saturday!

God, isn’t my life always about the last minute? Yes oh yes. I’m almost finished the blanket for my nephew. Angel was striking poses with it wrapped around her last night in work so I’m going to take the camera in tomorrow night and capture her. If she says it’s okay I’ll post one.

I was reviewing April in my head last night and feel that I’ve been pretty much full of death and destruction (aren’t I always?) but not in a depressing way, I don’t think. On the whole I’d say I was a very positive and optimistic person; cynical too, but that’s allowed in this climate.


Tania Hershman/The Short Review said...

Hi Irene - just to let you know, I tagged you on my blog, head over there and see what you need to do, it's a bookish meme thingy.... No obligation of course!

ireneintheworld; said...

sounds interesting tania. see you there. x