Saturday, May 20, 2006


Am in this pretty expensive net cafe; 1 euro for 15 mins, and it just clicks off when the time is up though it does give you a minute´s warning! We´ve been helping Lulu with the exhibition. Very busy, and loads of interest in the wonderful showers. I want one. I´m going to have one in my flat in Glasgow as soon as I can arrange it; as soon as I can afford it because I´ve spent it up this last 3 weeks - am scared to look in the bank to see just how much money I don´t have anymore! These showers have steam and whirlpool baths in some of them, and foot massage and music and you can answer your phone hands-free! They have all kinds of jets and rain shower and temperature control. I REALLY WANT ONE.

It´s been pretty hot here, and spending all day in a huge marquet tent is no picnic...and they don´t have coffee anywhere near! We took a kettle with us today and got one cup. When I went to make more later the electric wouldn´t let us; it goes on and off all day. And, apparently it can´t take the power of an electric kettle.

Well, gotta go...time´s up.

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