Thursday, May 11, 2006


I´m in the internet cafe in Alicante with Bingo and the boyz. A lovely hot day. Took them to the castle today, really just for a photoshoot. They loved it. What a fantastic view; 360º all around the city and the bay. Beautiful blue sea today, and clear enough for a good picture. Bingo was as nervous as Carrie when I took them up top; there´s just a low wall around and a drop of hundreds of feet. If that was Britain it would be railed and fenced off like a prison and you wouldn´t get such a clear view. It is stunning. I took them to see the huge, ancient yew trees (well I think they´re yew trees) with all the bits growing down as well as up and out. They look like old grumbly men wearing a multitude of robes draped across their arms.

The kids have had a wonderful time. They´ve done something different every day and watched a new DVD every night before bed, and they´ve been very well-behaved, for them. We´ve eaten out at least once every day and sat around the table every night on our terrace. Sometimes I just like to put pots of food on the table with spoons in so they can all just get stuck in. Got a great photo the other night of curry faces. Will post some photos when I get the chance to take the laptop up to the other internet cafe. Going to be busy helping Lulu with this exhibition she´s taken a stand with for next weekend. Busy helping her work out a logo and business postcards to give away.

My sister-in-law, Sid had her baby yesterday; another boy! I wanted her to have a girl. Never mind - one more man in the world. Lush had her operation on Tuesday and is doing well. I haven´t seen her, Lulu and Bitsy are going today. Bunny has been great; she´s done all the running about for paperwork and legal stuff, and she sat with Lush the whole day after the op, till late. I hope this heals their friendship; they were at loggerheads and barely speaking before this happened.

I called Fi last week and she said the hoist was there and that Gent was coming out on Monday. I´m sure she´d have called me if anything untoward happened.

Got to go catch the bus now, back to lovely Arenales. Bingo is desperate to finish her book. I finished mine last night; a great read. It was written by John Twelve Hawks, I think, might just have to check that...and is the first part of a trilogy, so I´ll be looking out for the next one soon.

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