Monday, May 15, 2006


I spent all day yesterday watching movies on the DVD. There really is more than a bit of the hermit in me. Lulu was out with a nice man, so I had the house to myself all day and night.

At the end of the visit I came up with a new name for those two grandsons: No1 will now be known as BOUNCER because he upsets my equalibrium with all that movement. The other day he actually made me feel sick, and dizzy. No2 is now SHOUTS AT THE SEA; we had an hysterical evening last week as we walked along the shoreline...Bouncer raced way ahead of us but Shouts At The Sea was standing like a boxer, facing the water and roaring at it. I don´t know what he was shouting but it was fantastic. He shook his fists; a little 8 year old in a navy T-shirt and pants, facing the wild waves, and speaking his mind. We asked him what he was shouting but I´ve forgotten now.

It´s scorching today, people in the sea as we passed at 10am. We went to Santa Pola to buy nice bathroom goodies to dress the set for the exhibition at the weekend. Lulu´s got 3 shower units coming over tomorrow, so I think she´ll do well; nothing like real examples to encourage buyers. I thought smells would work on the senses so we got nice dishes to hold perfumed soaps and bath bombs, with pebbles and all sorts. Looking for bright blue towels now.

It´s Chris´birthday and we´re taking her out for a meal tonight as a surprise, to a great little restaurant up in Gran Alicant called La Palma; it does a wonderful Sunday lunch. The decor is modern, spacious and minimalist; very pleasant family-run place, and resonable prices. So, looking forward to good food, but it´s breaking into my hermit-time.

Lush is doing well; complaining about all sorts, but fine really. She might be out tomorrow, then it´ll be all hands on deck to look after her and keep her company. I know that I´m Lush-sitting on Saturday night, because Bitsy has to go back to see to her very sick dog and Bunny is working at the Santa Pola Palace. I promised I´d make her a curry and Chris is planning a cottage pie one day.

Poor old Bitsy; her dog is 15 and in very bad health. The vet thinks he might have a tumour in his leg and is doing a biopsy today. She and I went to Elche to see Lush yesterday and on the way back we saw a little cart pulled by a donkey, on the main dual-carriagway, but the driver was talking on a mobile phone! It just looked so strange; the old and the new world. I didn´t have the camera, and I was driving anyway. Something else happened that I said I was going to put in the blog but I can´t remember what it was now...must ask Bitsy.

Lulu and Chris are going to share a new house from next month, but I´ll keep ours on for June because Carrie is coming, and we´ll have more room, and there isn´t much time now to give the landlord proper notice - I don´t want to jeopardise my 2 months deposit! Now that it´s coming nearer I´m wishing in some ways to stay here, but I know that it´s time to move on. I´m just laying about here watching movies and reading. I really need to make myself work. I´ve been writing in my head this week and the novel has taken another battering; I´ve changed the format again! Will I ever get this bloody thing finished? Well, I might if I actually did any work on it.

Gotta go write now.

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