Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Poor old Bingo waited and waited for her passport but nothing happend. She called the Scottish office on Saturday and they said that the courier delivered up until 6pm. When it hadn´t arrived by 5pm she called them again and they put her through to the courier. He told her that he had her passport and would be with her before 8pm and to keep her phone on. They called her an hour later to tell her that they´d broken down! The van was on the back of a truck. But they assured her that they´d get it to her the next morning by 10am. She reminded them that she was travelling around noon!

Twenty minutes to ten, they arrive in a taxi. All is well, Bingo informs me. An hour later she calls me to ask what name I put on the ticket for No1 grandson. Wrong name! Í thought you were changing his name,´ I said. ´Couldn´t find a justice of the peace,´ she said. This is 3 hours before the flight! So I had to call the airline; it was too late to just change the name on the ticket so we had to cancel his flight and make a new booking. I only got 10% back on the old flight, but the new flight was actually cheaper than the original so I only had to pay out 28 quid. It could´ve been a lot worse. Again, this bloody trip is costing me a fortune!

No1 grandson is Bingo´s son, and has a different name from the others. But Toctoc has been his father since he was a tiny baby.

Well, they´re here and having the time of their lives. They loved the flight, and a woman gave them 10 euros between them because they were so good. She must´ve been on some of the flights I´ve experienced where loads of kids scream and cry thoughout the whole flight!

Me and Bingo got sunburnt on the beach yesterday; it was a bit cloudy and I was late putting cream on and I didn´t know if Bingo had creamed up or not; she had fallen asleep and got the back of her legs and shoulders burnt. The kids were fine because we creamed them up carefully before we left the house.

The kids played with the little surfboards, wearing their goggles and air tubes, and all the paraphenalia. They loved the water. I took them for gigantic ice creams later and took photos. Just uploaded them to the computer - Í took 75 photos yesterday alone! Got lots of action stuff on the swings and seesaw. I hate posing photos; I like to get interesting shots. Sorry I can´t post any; Toctoc doesn´t want his kids appearing on the net.

We were knackered last night and were off to bed before 11pm, and I think the kids were asleep almost immediately. I´m reading a book called THE TRAVELLER forget who wrote it, but am enjoying it, though it´s pretty sci fi on the physics side. Toctoc would love it, if he read novels. My poor old tired eyes wouldn´t let me go more than a small chapter last night. Bingo has picked up THE WRONG BOY by Willie Russel and is loving is. I loved it too and have been trying to get Lulu to read it for ages.

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