Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well I did get out yesterday, on the 3.30 bus into Honiton. It was a beautiful day; sun shining quite hot…the bus full of school kids, all hustle and bustle. I decided to treat myself to some new clothes; there’s not much in the way of great clobber in Honiton (unless you want to spend a whole lot in the little dress shops) but there is a good cheap shop in the shopping centre. I got 4 tops, 3 skirts and a pair of flip-flops for £35. Some of them I couldn’t get in my size, so had to get the size below and hope for the best. They’re a bit tight but I’m thinking of going on my bike this week and not eating chocolate biscuits or cakes or anything between meals and drinking loads of water. So far so good. If I can keep it up for 2 weeks things won’t seem quite so tight.

I popped into W.H. Smith and found an art portfolio case reduced to £5.99…so I had to buy it at that price. Mine was either lost or stolen during my last house-move…with all my artwork in it! God, how many times in this life do I have to start over?

Very dull day today…so I’ll just get right back to my Karin Slaughter…not that it’s that great, but I want to know what happens next.

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