Friday, April 07, 2006


Just finished Harry Potter; pretty good. Read it in three days, not bad for a big book, but then it’s not what you could call deep and meaningful - it’s not going to change my life. Not going back to Captain Corelli yet. Had a nice day out the other day and bought a little pile of books in my favourite charity shop that has 50% off their books. Got an Umberto Eco, an Anita Shreve, Andrea Badenoch’s first novel, and Andre Dubus 111. I remember it was mentioned on Richard and Judy, House of Sand and Fog. I got those 4 books for about £1.60, which is pretty good these days of charity shops pricing themselves out of business….well business from me. I was really happy to find Andrea’s book; I knew her in Newcastle years ago when we used the same writing groups and workshops. She died last year from cancer.

Haven’t done a lot of reading in the past month; when I’m in the UK I end up couched in front of the box; in Spain I’m on 3 books a week. I really should be doing more writing than reading but life is just so fab with your feet up and a good book in your paw.

Gent looked fantastic today - just when I thought he was fading with such genteel elegance. He was alert and looking forward to coming home, eating crackers and cheese I’d brought in, and wine gums, then a bit of chocolate! He just keeps coming back. I’m tempted to say thank goodness, but when you remember all the pain that he experiences every minute of the day, it might be better if he is allowed to slip away; 95 is a good, long life. I’ve heard that if you tell someone who is very ill, that it’s alright for them to go, kind of give them permission, they can slip away peacefully. I think he keeps hanging on for Joy; he doesn’t want to cause her pain.

I’m using my life, making the most out of every breath I take; even when I am being bone idle I’m having the time of my life.

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