Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Gent is knocking at that door again. Joy was very tired today, and couldn’t go to the hospital to visit him. Word from the staff nurse is that he is, very poorly. I was a bit worried about Joy and that tiredness so I’ve asked the district nurse to call in tomorrow and take a blood sample; maybe she’s anaemic or something.

I’m selling a little book of sea shanties on ebay; it’s at £16 now with almost 4 hours to go. I like this bit, when the bidders come to life. It was at £1.70 yesterday. I haven’t sold anything for a while; mostly because I’ve been travelling, but I used to sell a lot of old books, first editions and collector’s items. Now that I’ll be spending more time in Glasgow I think I’ll take it up again. I just love trawling through old charity shops. Those that have been modernized really annoy me when they charge too much; I talk to myself and gasp at their prices - I’m old enough to get away with spouting my opinions on their pricing policy.

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