Wednesday, April 19, 2006


This was one of the best pizzas i've ever tasted. Lulu, Lexy and I took a run out to the waterfall park, near Benidorm - I can never remember the name of the place;
it's inland, west of Benidorm, maybe Fuerta or something like that. Actually, it's the waterfall where they filmed the old 60s shampoo advert. It's the one where the beautiful young woman washes her hair in the river under the waterfall. Lexy's hair was a right mess; she'd completely killed it with bleaching it blonde for many years. So, because she got it wet she had to wash it and treat it. Sorry I can't publish the photos, but they're really great. Well we had a fab day. I travelled in the back seat, lounging with cushions and taking photos out of the windows. When we stopped for food it was almost sunset and this was the view from where we were sitting. There is a valley, or gorge just in front of the palm tree, and we watched as the sun set and the lights appeared in the little town across the gorge. It was a beautiful day; very hot and the water very cold. Lexy is a friend that Lulu met on a train in the UK a couple of years ago. Just remembered that she'll be in Spain when I get back there in a couple of weeks - I haven't seen her since last summer. The first time she visited us there, we sent her for bread and she came back with a mad old lesbian. She's worse than Lulu for talking to anybody. Bitsy, is a friend now, and so are her friends, our friends: there is Lush, who likes a glass of wine or two and tries flashing her large breasts at anyone at all; and Bunny, Lush's ex, who used to be a real Bunny Girl; all of them predatory pensioners.

This is The Tape Measure Sculpture. One of the sons of the house here broke Gent's tape measure; it exploded into this amazing piece of art. I wouldn't let them throw it away till I had captured it on film. Sorry it's not right-side-up. I forgot to do it before I loaded it on (I don't know how to delete it and begin again!). I have a thing about odd photographic subjects. I have another one of the sculpture in amongst the wild irises but it would be in the same condition.

Our pool in Spain; it's in a complex, and is only open from June to September; but the sea is just across the road so it's no hardship really. I've got another two weeks to work then I'll be shooting off for three weeks rest. My daughter-in-law, Bingo, is bringing my two oldest grandsons over for a week. I'm so looking forward to spending time with them on the beach. They've never been on a plane before. What an exciting time they're going to have in May.

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