Sunday, April 23, 2006


This is one of my favoutite photos. It was taken a couple of years ago on the east coast of Devon, maybe Torquay, just can't quite remember. I love the footprints and the uneven line of the cobblestones and the wall.

And on the right is the cropped image of a piece of seaweed. In reality this is a tiny little stub, sticking up from a great pile of the stuff lying across a rock.

This is a view of the sea bottom; an action picture of a mad, bad crab landlord trying to evict the poor old tenant and take over. The water was only about a foot deep and I just held the camera over the top of the water and clicked.

Above right is a close-up crop of mussels; this was my first digital camera and I was amazed at the detail in a photograph. I just kept moving in and in and in.

Another favourite of mine. This is just a piece of wood, lying on a garden path, in all weathers; a garden in Newton Ferrers, near Plymouth. I wanted to use the pattern and colour in this in an arts/craft project...haven't done it yet, but this lovely thing isn't going anywhere.

On the right is a stunning, glowing image of morning dew on the smallest patch of moss on top of a gate post.

I go around this world with my eyes closed half the time; last week I was searching for nail scissors and or clippers and couldn't find any so I went out and bought myself the scissors and borrowed clippers to do Joy n Gent's nails - then I saw both clippers and scissors right in front of my face! But, sometimes I see wonderful and interesting images of the world.

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