Thursday, April 20, 2006


I’ve been busy putting a pile of royal magazines up for sale on ebay. I found them in a little second-hand shop in Honiton the other day; a huge pile, just waiting for me. I’ve been trying to think of something to specialize in; I usually sell first editions but sometimes they are light on the ground. Royal memorabilia would be good. I’ll head for the car-boot sales when I’m back in Glasgow. I want to go to some auctions too – haven’t been to one for years - don’t know where they are in Glasgow now.

Gent is better every day, almost back to his old self – except for all the weight he’s lost. He’ll be coming home as soon as the hoist is delivered, which could be a week or a day. I’ve had such an easy time this work period, just looking after Joy; hardly any night calls and she goes to bed at seven so I have the night to myself. Though she does need constant supervision; she can’t be allowed to walk alone because she tends to topple over now, so I walk behind her with my hands on her hips. She’s really slowing down; when Gent was in hospital last year she could walk out of the house, down the drive to the car, leaning on an arm and with a walking stick, and most of the way through the hospital corridors. But now she’s knackered just walking from her bedside to the breakfast table. I got the district nurse to call this week and take a blood sample from her, just in case she’s anaemic; she eats and sleeps a lot, so she shouldn’t be that tired. Got to call the doctor tomorrow for the results.

Amazon is ill. She was going to the doctor’s this afternoon. She’s got blinding headaches, sore chest and feels more than awful. She had a bad chest infection at xmas…maybe it’s the same thing. I tried to call her a while ago but there was no answer. She might be sleeping, I’ll try again later.

It’s been drizzling all day, damp and dull. I wanted to take a photo of the daffodils under the apple trees the other evening when the light was looking interesting; went in and got the camera only to discover that the battery was flat and needed charging before I can even get the camera to open! That light hasn’t been back since; it’s been dull, dull, dull. The rhododendron out front is flowering; lovely big red trumpets. The daffodils are finishing so I’m thinking that I might not get the photograph I want, I should’ve did it last week, but I’ve been so busy thinking about blogging!

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