Sunday, April 09, 2006


1. Born in Glasgow
2. We moved in with my father’s mother, the TYRANT
3. The TYRANT dies
4. Left school at 15
5. Maternal grandmother dies
6. Worked in a boutique then an electrical engineering factory
7. Met Roseanne
8. When I was 19 my father died
9. Stayed on with my mother for 6 months
10. Worked in Largs, then Manchester
11. Got my first flat in Glasgow, Polokshields
12. Worked in North Berwick, then Manchester again
13. Roseanne and I met our first husbands, in Manchester
14. Got pregnant
15. Hitchhiked up to Glasgow to tell the mothers
16. Went back to Glasgow to have my first son
17. Got married in Glasgow
18. Went back to Manchester with baby and hubby
19. Went to Somerset to visit hubby’s family
20. Went back to Glasgow then split with hubby
21. Got a house of my own when my son was 1yr old
22. Moved back to live with my mother when he was 3
23. Met my new man at Roseanne’s new year party
24. Set up house with him
25. Got pregnant
26. John Lennon died
27. Gave birth to second son
28. Pregnant again
29. Both our divorces came through
30. Decided not to get married again
31. Gave birth to daughter
32. Moved house several times that year
33. Got a job in Grosvner hotel and met Carrie
34. Chucked hubby out
35. Left job
36. Went to live in Newcastle
37. Introduced Carrie to my brother Joop
38. Got a house in St Cuthbert’s village in Gateshead
39. Carrie and Joop got a house there too
40. Joop became a raging alcoholic and violent
41. He beat up Carrie and broke my nose
42. I packed her off to Glasgow
43. Got a flat in Newcastle
44. Carrie and her daughter shared the flat with us for awhile
45. Still working in Swallow hotel in Gateshead
46. Left the hotel and worked in local pub
47. Brother-in-law dies aged 33ish. Brain haemorrhage
48. Went to college and did GCSEs
49. Did Highers and left the pub
50. Discovered creative writing
51. Our boozin’ buddy dies aged 32ish.
52. Had my first poetry published
53. Working with tenants’ association
54. Got paid to set up youth drama group in Benwell
55. Set up my small press
56. No 1 son in a lot of trouble with police
57. No2 son in trouble at school
58. Did A’level theatre studies
59. Someone wants to kill No1 son
60. Flat wrecked
61. Moved into temporary council house
62. Roseanne, my oldest friend, dies at 40
63. Got council house in east end of Newcastle
64. Teach a poetry class at Newcastle Uni
65. Began my degree in drama at Gateshead college
66. Classmate dies after long struggle with cancer
67. Bree and I get acting work
68. My sister-in-law Sid’s new baby dies
69. We move to Glasgow. my mother dies
70. I have to commute to Newcastle to finish my degree
71. Spend 3 days a week in Newcastle, with Bree or Carrie
72. Sid has another baby
73. Carrie moves up to Aberdeen
74. My mother-in-law Lily dies
75. I graduate at Sheffield university, with guests; old school pal, and my daughter
76. Daughter won’t go to school; I get a night in Govan jail
77. I begin working for the Pearce Institute doing care work
78. No1 son living with a girl, they have a son
79. I do some teaching for the WEA
80. The druggies smash up my car
81. Start work at the Glasgow Psychic Centre
82. Meet Herman and Tilly
83. I get done for driving without a full licence
84. Get a nice big flat in Paisley Rd West
85. I have a dinner party to celebrate daughter’s 16th and my freedom from parental responsibility
86. Herman and I set up a postal Psychic business
87. No2 grandson is born
88. No2 son gets us evicted from the flat and I don’t take him to the new flat with us
89. I get him organised with a hostel and lots of food
90. Daughter gets a job at a big hotel in North Devon
91. I take her down there and stay the weekend and see her settled
92. Got a new flat from a housing association, much cheaper
93. Also doing some market research work
94. Carrie’s husband leaves her
95. Took a flat-mate and got her a job with the PI
96. No3 grandson is born
97. Flatmate leaves
98. Start working as an Appropriate Adult for social work dept
99. My daughter and her boyfriend come to live in Glasgow
100. They get a nice little flat in Govan
101. Start HND in Ceramics and Pottery at Cardonald College
102. 9/11 happens
103. My daughter has brain haemorrhage and operation
104. Brother-in-law dies aged 40
105. Daughter-in-law pregnant again!
106. Went to Paris with my friend Herman
107. My daughter gets pregnant
108. No4 grandson arrives
109. No5 grandson is born by caesarean section (because of brain haemorrhage)
110. Passed my driving test
111. Brother-in-law dies aged 38
112. Working on a play with Bree
113. I give myself a date deadline to travel
114. Buy a car, pack it up, take a couple months off work
115. 1st august 2003 I leave Glasgow for Devon
116. I camp in a tent all by myself in a field in North Wales
117. Visit the Spiritual Church in Birmingham and get a message
118. Spend the night in the car in Exmouth in Devon, with a view of the sea
119. Get a job waitressing for a week in a big hotel in Exmouth
120. Start a live-in care job for an agency
121. Run all over Devon working one week here two weeks there
122. Loadsamoney!!!
123. Daughter-in-law is pregnant again
124. Buy my first laptop
125. Buy a TESOL course in Barcelona
126. My first granddaughter arrives, at last
127. Get a teaching job in Poland
128. Leave the job in Poland and go to Madrid
129. Meet up with Lulu from the course and get a teaching job in Alicante
130. We rent a fab 3bed house at the beach
131. Leave teaching and go back to working in Devon
132. Travelling back and forth from Spain and Devon to work
133. Buy a new, lightweight laptop and give the old one to No2 son
134. Go to Budapest for Bree’s hen party
135. Writer friend from Newcastle dies from breast cancer aged 47
136. Bree diagnosed with breast cancer
137. College friend, Louise, dies with breast cancer
138. Newcastle for Bree’s wedding
139. Bree has mastectomy and re-build
140. Several new great nieces and nephews have arrived
141. Don’t know if my brother is dead or alive
142. Newcastle for Bree’s 40th birthday party
143. Daughter's relationship breaks up
144. She takes over my new flat (it was originally hers anyway)
145. My old couple both die and I return to Glasgow
146. Back to work; Torquay
147. Daughter's ex steals their son
148. Court battle begins
149. Daughter's flat goes on fire
150. I return to Glasgow permanently
151. Living with N02 son
152. Return to work at the Psychic Centre
153. Happy Happy Happy

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