Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I made a falling-apart fruit n carrot cake; it had sweet potato in it instead of carrot – pretty damn nice actually, though the sweet potato seems to have pretty much disappeared.

Last few days Gent has swung from death’s door to coming home to very poorly again. We couldn’t take Joy to see him today because he has some kind of infection and they don’t know what it is yet, and don’t want Joy to catch anything. He’s been put on antibiotics today because of a urine infection, he probably got from the catheter; they think it might be a side effect of the antibiotics. He was so happy yesterday when the doctor said he could go home for Easter. The occupational therapist came today to see what we would need to accommodate this new Gent. We measured their bedroom, and made rearrangement plans, then the cleaner and I emptied chests of drawers and got rid of furniture we don’t really need in the room. And the son tried to get a new bed base to accommodate the hoist, with no luck. I don’t think they’ll let Gent out now anyway.

I’ve been crocheting a blanket for Fi; I make these blankets while I’m working and force them on family - running out of family members so have started on friends and colleagues. Joy and Gent got a rug each for their xmas. This is a photo of one I made earlier for my nephew; he wanted it to be red, white and blue - he's a Glasgow Rangers fan. The colours aren’t right in the photo, the red isn’t that orange, must be the flash.

This is a great job; I get to sit and watch telly, doze in the afternoon, and create rugs, artwork, photographs, write, read and many other things depending on the client. I began crocheting when I was looking after a woman near Plymouth; she spent all day watching telly and wanted me to sit with her. I like being productive so I did the rugs while watching daytime TV and ended up with a Repetitive Strain Injury from pulling at the wool!

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