Friday, April 21, 2006


The sun was flashing on and off today and I tried to get some good photos. The garden is looking good, some red appearing at last; the camellia is out and littering the ground with petals.

This is the Rhododendron Elizabeth, just coming out.

And on the right here, is my bedroom just behind the bush. This is the front of the house, well, a tiny bit of it.

Thought I’d get some daffs captured.

And here we have the lovely garden. The light’s not going to help create stunning photos but will paint a picture of where I spend half my time. I like this garden; it’s so peaceful; the road is on the other side of the house and the only thing you can hear is the birds, or lawnmowers in summer, or now.

These are Wonderful Neighbour’s pansies and orchids. Beautiful. He took me and Joy for a little tour of his garden when we came back from the hospital today.

Gent was rather tired; he told us that he had been stuck in the hoist and it took a few minutes to work out that he’d been left sitting on the commode a little longer than he needed. He said that they didn’t hear his bell and he’d shouted but they didn’t hear that either. Poor thing. Apparently, they had a pretty awful day in the hospital today, must’ve been run off their feet. No sign of the hoist arriving yet.

Amazon has sinus trouble according to the doctor. He gave her an antibiotic which seems to be working, so she’s alright.

Been talking to my sister-in-law, Sid, on the phone; she’s busy setting up her internet connection, so hopefully she’ll be reading this blog soon and discover her new name.

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