Sunday, April 30, 2006


I’ve only got one day to go now then I’ll be off to sunny Spain. I just had an email from  Lulu; that daft Lexy is over there and she’s lost her purse; apparently she and Bitsy were pissed in one – or more probably, a few of the local bars, and someone’s lifted the purse when she wasn’t looking….probably when she was lying in the gutter! She’s too blonde to be sensible.

Still no sign of the bloody hoist and, it’s Gent’s birthday on Wednesday; bank holiday tomorrow so it won’t be arriving then. Joy is very tired; her walking is pretty bad and she’s a lot more breathless when walking than even a few weeks ago. She did the knickers thing again last night. Fi is just going to love this report, and she’ll have to deal with Gent coming out of hospital now. It’s hard to tell just how he is; how long he’ll be around. He usually eats very well when he’s at home, and the one-to-one care really helps him rebuild…but he’s pretty wasted and thin and isn’t weight–bearing; so getting him back on his feet will be a hard job, and it might be that he’ll never get back up there. I hope he gets the summer anyway. And then again, maybe Joy will be the one to slip away first.

My really Scottish friends, Morag and Hamish, have just become grandparents for the first time, and they get a granddaughter right away. Morag has just got out of hospital on Tuesday; she’s got Crohn’s disease, and was in for four months this time. When I first started my travels, she was in a coma; this lasted for four months; it came out of an operation…so then after she woke up so miraculously, she got that flesh-eating bug and MRSA. In the end she was in hospital for about eleven months! I think it’s pretty evident that she is immortal, and cannot be killed. I should create a super hero costume for her.


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