Thursday, April 27, 2006


I finally finished Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and it was definitely not worth the hard slog. I will never read another of his books. I quite enjoyed the Karin Slaughter book. My friend Carrie read her first book, Blindsighted last year in Spain and got caught up; she read the sample chapter of the next book at the end and had to run out and find it….did the same with that one and had to run out again to get the next one! I didn’t love it that much, but it was alright; I mean she’s not Wilbur Smith or Bernice Reubens. I’ve got hold of a novel that was written about the Americans taking over part of South Devon to practise for the invasion, Operation Overlord. The people who really lived there, in five villages; three thousand of them, were unceremoniously, kicked out of their homes and placed elsewhere, while the army used real armaments. I’ve got right into it and will probably finish it in a couple of days, unless the telly gets me.

Musician is still in my flat, stinking it out, according to Amazon. Got to get him on the road to getting another flat. I let him stay in my old flat while I was travelling, before I gave it up; he bought a pellet gun and shot up my clock, photographs, the glass panels above the doors, windows and God knows what else…along with never cleaning it or taking out the rubbish. Just underlining the whys and wherefores of my seemingly cruel&unusual methods of handling my son’s up and coming homelessness.

Have managed not to have any chocolate or biscuits or eaten between meals in the last few days, but now I’m thinking of a cup of tea and a whole pile of bickies! Didn’t get on my bike either.

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