Friday, May 02, 2008


I'm spitting fur; the postman has just slipped a card through my door, saying that there was no answer. NO ANSWER my bloody foot - I've only been sitting here for two days waiting for my lovely books from Amazon! I called and complained, again. There were apologies but no delivery till Tuesday because it's bank holiday weekend. Ooooh, I want to string them up, these bloody lazy postmen...and there's a bloody lift!

On a pleasant note, I'm reading a wonderful blog called Maya's Granny, in my links below. I wanted to read it from the beginning so I don't know too much about recent posts, only that she's moved from Alaska to California because she's ill; actually in hospital quite poorly right now. But what a wonderful blog; very interesting and readable posts. I just pop in now and again and read a few - am at July 2006 and the one called friendship is lovely, funny.

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