Sunday, May 18, 2008



I've been trying to learn the workings, or some, of my phone; beginning with photos and the whole editing suite that comes with the package. I am slightly more informed than I was a couple of hours ago, but still clapping my hands at happy accidents and insights but confused most of the time. Now, I am able to twist and turn upright; I suppose it's always a good thing to be upright. The images from the phone wouldn't let me edit them on the computer's software, but now I'm a wiser woman. My god, the places that photos can hide on a phone is amazing, but I got the little buggers.

These above are from the Art Galleries at Kelvingrove, and the fireworks from my bedroom window maybe at New Year; I really can't remember, but I thought the phone camera had done a great job here.


Tania Hershman said...

What beautiful photos! You must have some snazzy phone :)

ireneintheworld said...

the two at the art gallery were taken by a little samsung i had that was like a little block; the number pad was a row of two, but the screen was too small; that's why i changed it. but these are great photos from it, i agree, but they're the best of a bunch.

i took the fireworks one with the phone i have now, that did the other lovely glasgow pictures i blogged last week. i'm ready to go to it again, so watch this space! x