Thursday, May 01, 2008


Hailstones, blundering rain and more hail made me take a taxi to work. Glasgow comes to a virtual standstill because everyone jumps on buses and taxis; I waited twenty minutes, thinking I’d be late for work - I didn’t have an umbrella left and wouldn’t want to be fried under one thank you very much. My God, the lightning! And enormous thunder right on top of it. The cat is too young to have experienced this before and her eyes were like marbles; as if it was them hearing the thunder, not her ears.

I wasn’t late; had time to pop into the shops for a bag of potatoes so I could bake one for my break. Another quiet night down the psychic mine; I’ve just spent the last 45 mins flicking through OK magazine – no idea who half the people in it are, but it’s nice to look at the lovely pictures…is it for people who can’t read?

Pink is top of my crocheting class. She created a hat and scarf in just a few sessions – think I’ve got her addicted too. So far I’ve got four of my co-workers crocheting and two have sloped off in the direction of cross-stitch. Welcome to the Psychic Knitting B. Angel is the baby; she’s never even held a crochet hook before; her efforts might stay willy-warmer-size.

It’s always great when you get a real connection with someone; I was talking to a woman on the phone and she was doing me! She asked if I had something pink and white around me. I was crocheting white on a blanket and yes, there was pink in there; it’s for my pregnant niece – a snuggling rug for her and her new baby later this year.

Amazon is pretty happy this week, even though the custody battle is still going on. She and PowerRanger got caught in the storm. He loved it! Just like his granny; I always ran outside to twirl in the rain while my friends cowered in fear. In my earliest memory I’m standing with my father, me on the sofa, laughing at the thunder and lightning.

It feels like this is some kind of turning point: summer arriving; Amazon and Him coming to a better arrangement; and me, finally on track. BLAM! Thunder wakes me up and forces me into movement. ZAP! The electric storm shoots a bolt right up my epiphany. I hear you; okay…I’LL DO IT IN A MINUTE!

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