Sunday, May 04, 2008



Lazy, creative, pragmatic, experienced runaway granny
Quietly-verbal, outrageously-opinioned, crafty crazy manic dreamer
Optimistic, spiritual, obsessive, cynical, determined hermit

I, voluntarily, picked up this tag from WomagWriter’s blog but I’m not passing it on – if you want it just do it. It reminded me of the 30 second pitch of your novel to an agent you meet in an elevator. Lots of magazines ask for little biogs and I’m always unsure as to what people want, so maybe an experience in snippets is in order.

Here’s one I did earlier:

I fell into middle age when I was 40; sensible overnight – payback for the years of sex, alcohol and trashy high-heels. I’ve been flat-shoed since I was 35 while my idiot pal stumbled around Gateshead in the snow, falling in and out of her multi-story footwear. Now I am soooooo the sparkling, intelligent, unruffled and together older woman; it all depends on where your priorities lie. My friend (of the high-heels) has a problem with self-esteem – and she’s slim and attractive: I’m fat and bursting with laid-back enthusiasm for life, and death - in order to feel happy with the outside body you have to live happily within it.

There is another one full of bragging publications which I won’t bore you with; I think it’s definitely time to spice myself up in a more amusing package, with a sprinkle of everything so watch this space. So, have I just set myself on yet another tangent? Perhaps, but who’s counting tangents? It crossed my mind yesterday to tidy up my pile; to list the novels, short stories, flash, poetry, plays, sketches blah blah blah; don’t forget the autobiography; the blogging; the ideas; the future projects; the half-done synopses; the floating bits; the old bits; the morphic bits; and always, the sneaky little tadpoles tickling my memory with half-remembered dreams…like the one last night where the bird leapt onto a (huge) motorised butterfly and began to attack it like a woodpecker! How did I get a brain like this? And what would it be like if I could remember all the dreams?


Poppy said...

am watching, am watching . . . .

(don't leave the music for too long, though, it's always the best . . . .)


ireneintheworld said...

as soon as i publish my first novel i'll buy a keyboard and take singing lessons - ooooh think of all that breathing! x

Crystal* said...

Hello Irene!!!
What a lovely name. It's my maternal grandmother's and one of my middle chicken's middle names.
Zipped over here from a comment you left on my blog. I like the way you think. The way you express yourself. It's quite lovely.
Thanks for the comments and the visit.

ireneintheworld said...

mutual appreciation is a beautiful thing crystal. thanks for coming over. i'll be popping in to see you again. x