Friday, May 09, 2008


Tilly and I treated the city to our most scrumptious lunch outfits; we sailed our considerable ships out into the flash of a Glaswegian summer – and heads did turn. She sported a walking stick with a crystal ball clasped in a bronze hand, and my bag dazzled the streets with mirrors – we left the bells at home, on other accoutrements.

It was an amazing escape from the cave and my hermit existence and I made great use of the phone camera. Isn’t it fab? We were disgusted with the Gallery of Modern Art; it is a bare place, littered with someone’s idea of Art - neither mine, nor, I suspect, any of the general tax-paying public! I was very vocal in my opinions, as always, especially when we found fabulous art in a little gallery in Prince’s Square. I wish I had taken some photos there.

We had several sit-downs with coffees and drinks, and eventually, lunch, before I went to work at five. I remember a great conversation about one of Tilly’s old neighbours hanging condoms (and other interesting objects) on the washing line; she whispered most of this tale, sniggering, because there was a very small child only inches from us - in a pram I should add.

The day started well with the arrival of my lovely books from Amazon; The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron; The Ode Less Travelled by Steven Fry; and Now That You’re Back by AL Kennedy. It ended with the absolutely fabulous Klimt Tarot cards I had to buy from Borders; they are a whole gallery of art that I can play with anytime I want – completely amazing, and inspirational; already I am imagining the collages I can create with my old photos! Oohhh , life is a minestrone indeed!


Litlove said...

Klimt tarot cards sound wonderful indeed! I've always kept true to my Rider/Waite pack but they sound really tempting. There is no better way to start the day than a parcel of books, either.

p.s. I love the idea of you being a runaway granny - every family should have one.

ireneintheworld said...

oh the cards, the cards! and a picture on every one; 78 pieces of art - completely and inspirationally wonderful. but, they are usually sealed and you don't get to see in advance - this box had been opened (not damaged) so i asked and received a discount of 10%...but i'll be skint for a month!

and yes, runaway anything is definitely more interesting. x

OSLO said...

Ooh, isn't a box from amazon always a mood-lifter? My memory is so bad that even if the package is dispatched as soon as I click 'complete transaction', I'm always surprised when I open the box.
I envy your access to culture and vigour in Glasgow. It's so nice to imagine it so thanks for posting about your day out.

ireneintheworld said...

i'm glad you enjoyed it jo; it was quite exciting to make myself dress up - i was just going to wear my work clothes but i knew tilly would be gorgeous so i had to make an effort, and it was worth it. sorry you can't just pop into town on the subway in ten minutes and slag off a gallery. x

cheryl f. said...

Hi Runaway Granny (I love that):) for the soul, and Klimt tarot cards...I'll have to look for those, they sound lovely. Since you also like art & crafts you might be interested in SoulCollage - a deck of collaged cards that we create for ourselves;and do "readings" from. It's an amazing process and wonderfully creative, insightful & I'll warn you...addicting in a good way.

You can find out more about it on my blog: ..and see my cards as well;
..and my friend's site is a virtual SoulCollage Playground of resources: - We have kindreds from all over the world on the Yahoo group. - Maybe we'll see you there.

ireneintheworld said...

hi cheryl, thanks for popping in and staying to read. i'll check out your blog and the collage cards, sounds interesting. x