Monday, May 05, 2008


Reflections of TopCat on the laptop and a venture out of the cave; beautiful architecture in Argyle Street. For the tiny sum of £25 I got: 2 lamps; 1 single bedding set; 2 beautiful notebooks; mother-of-pearl photo frame; fancy mirror; and 2 square plates (red) for my bottom drawer. When Oracle told me that Au Naturale had gone bust my first words were, 'Oh, a sale!'

SHOCKING SIGHT - GLASGOW FOLK BARE ALL BEFORE MAY IS OOT! Sunshine all day, so far, and people showing white skin - though I did come across a tanned little thing wearing lots of bling; mostly on her bag. And for my travel-log, a young woman on the subway with black and white striped hair, not very well done I might add. All this excitement and no chocolate! Must send an urgent message to Musician in the next room to get on his bike.

The photos were taken by my phone; after six months I am finally able to get them transferred to the computer – don’t know how I couldn’t do it before, duh! I’ve been forgetting about the camera on this phone; it was the reason I got the bloody thing, and I’ve never even tuned in the radio! Or used the little Bluetooth ear thingy. When I go up country, I’ll give it all a go; I’ll be sitting in the highlands somewhere, scribbling beautiful sound-bites in my new notebook while listening to Classic FM, after a chat on the Bluetooth thingy with thingy.

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