Friday, May 02, 2008



D: 26.10.07 at 12.06 - Mum, what the heck am I doin. I can’t even get the court date rite. Wats gona happen now – it just feels like I’ve already lost him. I’ve got nufin. A wana just curl up n die.

D: 26.10.07 at 16.24 - Sorry 4 yellin at u mum, a don’t know wats the matter with me. I’m going now to collect hero. X

M: 26.10.07 at 16.41 - I understand. Don’t make a habit of it. Try not to worry.

D: 27.10.07 at 12.10 - Hi mum, gona do me a fava n loan me £25 til tues, a need to get gas n fags n sum food, n I was gona take hero 4 a mcdonalds. I’m in bed now – horable headache.x

M: 7.11.07 at 11.40 - Anser ur bluddy fone.

M: 7.11.07 at 16.53- If u dont let me no ur alive I’ll call the police tomoro.

M: 8.11.07 at 16.21 - So wats all this about. Bring my camera round here tomoro.

D: 8.11.07 at 16.27 - For goodness sake, why cant I be left alone wen I dont want to see or speak 2 any1. stop takin offense wen I dont anser the fon. Am just havin a bad week. I’ll b up tomz wi ur £ just like I said I wud.

M: 8.11.07 at 16.40 - U’ll be a long time dead bfore I do that again.

D: 8.11.07 at 16.44 - Wats that ment to mean.

M: 8.11.07 at 16.51 - Dead wi nobody caring to call to c if ur ok.

M: 9.11.07 at 20.13 - U let me down. I need the camra and the muny.

M: 10.11.07 at 21.34 - So I dont matter it seems. Wen did u turn into this selfish bitch.

M: 11.11.07 at 11.47 - Take my camra over today. I need it…as if that matters to u.

M: 11.11.07 at 17.31 - Bring my camra up here rite now. Wat part of I need it dont u understand.

M: 11.11.07 at 19.19 - Gimme the camra. U really dont want me comin up there.

M: 12.11.07 at 14.01 - I can only assume u’v lost it. Is that wat al this is about.

D: 13.11.07 at 15.16 - I got home n my neighbour said ther was sum guy shoutin up at my window. U’d better control that lazy good 4 nufin son of urs mum! I no it was him! I have bn hidin. Ur camera is fine. I went bk 2 the doctor, he asked if I had family support…I said NO. I’ll b up tomoz wi ur camera.

M: 13.11.07 at 15.19 - U dont anser ur fone or door to ur fuckin family support.

D: 16.11.07 at 13.36 - Hi mum, so I got a new job. Starts nxt wk. u ok x.

M: 16.11.07 at 16.02 - I’m goin to work in a haf hour. R u still comin up.

D: 17.11.07 at 23.32 - Mum, need a fava. I started work last nite – nite club – they want me again tonite. I need £10 to get a taxi n that. U will get al ur doe nxt wk. I swear.

M: 17.11.07 at 23.34 - Thot u wer comin over last nite.

M: 21.11.07 at 15.32 - Who r u and wat hav u dun with my dotter. How can we comunicate.

M: 21.11.07 at 19.50 - U’v turned into ur father and thats not a compliment.

D: 21.11.07 at 18.18 - Hi mum. Sorry a’v not got bk to u, I’m really tryin to get bk on my feet n bk to my old self, got debts everywhere but I’m workin n tryin. x

M; 22.11.07 at 11.46 - I need my camra 4 the birthday party on sat.

M: 23.11.07 at 16.10 - My camra and charger. Party cant be dun anytime. Its tomoro. I wont forgive if u dont bring it. And I’ll be at yours first thing in the morning.

M: 24.11.07 at 11.06 - Times up. Ware is the camra. This is unbelievable.

M: 24.11.07 at 12.09 - I’m at your door now. U want to get round here before I get arrested.

M: 24.11.07 at 12.50 - Battry dead. Thanks.

D: 24.11.07 at 12.56 - U wernt nice today n dont turn it round on me. U say ur bankrupt as if its my fault. I asked u 4 £ cause I hav 0. I’d ask any1 else but thers no1. av no gas no food n now what, ur batterys dead! I’m in a mess. Ur even getting my last txt. Thanks.

M: 24.11.07 at 13.03 - U never bother to ask how I am. U always want sumthin. Its obvious now u’v cut me out of ur life.

M: 25.11.07 at 16.31 - I take it ur not bringing hero over today so I’m going to asda.

M: 27.11.07 at 14.28 - No need to worry. I’ll never fone u again.

M: 27.11.07 at 15.43 - Ur breaking my heart.

Isn’t that the truth! Families; who’d have them? They’ll kill you every time. Life is like a musical scale and within a family your head will certainly bang on every step of the ladder.


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