Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Dear Pam

If I sent you something belonging to someone, would you be able to tell me who they were and what kind of people? I’ve bought something that was supposed to have belonged to Dean, on that ebay place, but I need it confirmed before I’ll really believe it. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that it was his. Well never mind, I trust you, and you’d have known it anyway I’m sure. I’ve enclosed it with this letter.

Also, Sonjia said something the other day that really got me all wound up; she said that Dean was seen with a woman in a London restaurant...she’d read it in one of her stupid magazines. Is it true? He told me that he wasn’t going out, that he spent all his time reading up for the next show, or just watching TV. We like a lot of the same things; he loves Midsomer Murders too! I realise that he is a man and will do all sorts, sometimes, but I got the feeling that he had kind of grown up, and therefore learned something since his divorce. Sonjia still doesn’t believe that I’m working for Dean Webster Live! She is very old fashioned though, and doesn’t keep up with modern technology. I’m taking a course - a computer driving lesson thingy, and then I’ll be able to email you instead of waiting for the post...though I do love the postman bringing letters to me: not just bills.

I was startled by your photo on the website yesterday and felt very close to you because of the resemblance to my mother. It always worried me that I looked nothing like her and she’d say I was my father’s living image; he died before I was born. It was also very interesting to notice that our dates of birth are close. Are you sure that yours is right? And do you know if you were adopted or not? I think it might be possible that we are twins. I know that might sound pretty mad but if you look at this picture of my mother (which is also included) you’ll see what I mean. You really could be her daughter. Maybe we were separated at birth...or maybe had the same father, but that wouldn’t explain why you looked so much like my mother, would it?

There must be an explanation. Maybe we could meet and talk about it. I’m free pretty much all the time so could make any date you suggest, though I suspect you’re madly busy. So, if we were really sisters, maybe that explains my interest in the Tarot and all that stuff – maybe I could be psychic too!

Ooooh, this is getting exciting. I can’t wait to hear from you. Now, don’t be afraid of my feelings, I can take it; I would love it if we were sisters, but it isn’t the end of the world if we aren’t. But maybe we could get a DNA test to make sure.

Love Isabel X (sis)

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