Sunday, May 11, 2008


I’ve got two lots of homework to do: Morning Pages, and 20 lines of iambic pentameter. I suppose the former should be done first, otherwise it’ll all end up iambic. Of course I do realise that this is not morning, but that kind of thing doesn’t matter to me; my life has its own time zone.

Still reading bits of books - can’t seem to get a whole one to stay still and on my mind for longer than fifteen minutes. I discovered a little pile of lit mags with me inside them somewhere (they stink of the fire) and it was fun browsing work that I’ve either discarded or lost; I must type the viable ones up to file. Funny the things that survived that fire; I mean, all my old notebooks, my clothes, shoes, books, art materials, photos, negatives, furniture and I hate to think of what else went up in smoke…and some scabby old poems make it out.

I don’t think my memory will ever be able to recall everything that was in that cupboard – fate has me in its grasp and I must continue with what I have now. I had an email from Lulu in Spain last week. She said that the Spanish police have her car but I don’t know which car she meant; the one she uses or the old black one that’s full of our junk! So that would be more of my possessions going PUFF! Mind you, I haven’t seen that stuff for eighteen months, and have no clear idea of what is or isn’t there, so maybe I don’t need it.

What I need is to live in the present and concentrate on my future; I need to write, to position myself either with a pen in my hand or my fingers splayed across this bloody keyboard!

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