Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I’ve gone ‘The Artist’s Way’ which might be detrimental to the blog for a while, but the great thing about it is; I’m writing and actually getting something done. In the last two days I’ve solved a problem with the section of the novel I’ve been working on, so it’s almost finished – the section I mean, not the novel.

I’ve been kind of stuck here for a while but I hadn’t thought of it as being blocked; I don’t know if I believe in artist/writer’s block, but something has happened and I’m only on day three! I’ve done my morning pages every day (I don’t do mornings) and I am beginning to look at what I’m eating and doing. You never know, I could be reborn within a month. Agents and publishers look out, ‘cause here I come!


Tania Hershman said...

Good on you, I am so impressed! I have never gone The Artist's Way, although many people I know have, always with positive results. Agents and publishers look out indeed!

ireneintheworld said...

i would never have considered myself blocked, but maybe i was! anyway, whatever it is, it's working for me. happy happy happy. x

Poppy said...

This sounds very good. Good good good!!! Actually, if one is blocked, perhaps it's better not to define it, or even identify it, as such.

And good. Wanna see it published!! (which one is it, btw?


ireneintheworld said...

it's the josie and rita one poppy. i'm going to post the section i've been working on soon; i've been re-writing and finishing the bad guy, which is now the beginning. so i feel that i can soon jump right past the middle of this in a couple of weeks - because of course i am editing my way there! just can't leave things alone. x

OSLO said...

Oh maybe I should go back and start the Artist's Way again - got side-lined by that darn Arvon course at the end of week three.
Delighted it's working for you Irene. You have inspired me to try again - tomorrow!

ireneintheworld said...

oh jo i don't what's come over me! i've sat in my chair at the desk and hand-written my three pages for five days! and i've written a bit of one novel every day too!!!! so this has really got me and i never would've believed it. hope you can get back into it. i think i'll be ranting about this for quite some time. x